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Personalisation and joined-up services - Now it's time to Make it Real - for everyone!

Many Local Authorities in the UK are using Whose Shoes?® It provides a powerful tool to explore issues internally and with partners.

It is a popular way of starting the co-production - getting people together and enabling them to explore the changing landscape of social care and health as equals.

Key benefits / learning outcomes

  • learn about the opportunities and challenges of personalisation and the wider transformation agenda
  • understand the complexity of creating genuine personalised support which focuses on a person's whole life
  • enable key partners to work together as equals!
  • understand how change affects different people – step into their shoes!
  • explore key concerns in a safe environment - is it possible to improve lives AND save money?
  • learn examples of good practice – what are other people doing to make it all work?
  • harness creativity to co-produce high quality, cost effective solutions
  • move on! – agree SMART actions to ensure it is not 'just another talking shop'
Local Authorities

The electronic version of Whose Shoes?® has been built in partnership with Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP) aligned to the key themes, principles and 'I' statements of 'Making It Real'. We encourage relevant organisations to sign up to 'Making It Real' and to use Whose Shoes?® to work with people using your services to identify your 'top 3 priorities' ... And then move on to co-produce truly person-centred solutions.

  • Whose Shoes?® has received great reviews throughout the country and is widely renowned as a genuinely useful tool for helping people to think about the bigger picture, and how personalisation can be realistically achieved"

    Leicestershire County Council

  • Whose Shoes?® was an excellent tool to use as part of our Inter-Professional Learning Workshops with nursing and social work students. It really helped the students to explore each other’s roles and it helped to create really useful discussions regarding partnership working"

    Sarah Booth
    Practice Education Facilitator, Community Health Stockport

  • Really useful learning tool which helps creative and practical thinking”

    Rose Bradley
    Practice Trainer, Worcestershire County Council

  • People have universally enjoyed the game”

    Jo Yelland
    Lead: Putting People First and Integration, Plymouth City Council

  • It stimulated a lot of very good discussion, it raised a lot of issues and concerns from the team which were aired and clarified”

    Carol Rowe
    Workforce Development Manager, Bradford City Council

  • Whose Shoes?® has been very well received in Newham. In July (2010), we will be focusing on Self Directed Support as part of the Mayor's town show. We will be using the board game to assist members of the public to ask questions and participate."

    London Borough of Newham

  • The poems were fab and funny”

    Gill Manning-Smith
    Programme Manager, Adult Social Care Transformation, Buckinghamshire County Council

  • It’s a fantastic idea which worked well during training sessions with social work teams”

    Steve Morgan
    Workforce Development Officer (Adult Provider Services), Gateshead Council

  • It went down very well and provided an excellent way of EVERYBODY getting involved and talking about issues and it was FUN”

    Maggie McNamara
    Commissioning Officer, (Self Directed Support), Nottinghamshire County Council

  • We really liked the idea that you weren't playing in competition with each other, but as one team, driving to co-deliver changes to adult social care."

    Laura Walker
    Communications Advisor, Adult Transformation, Newcastle City Council

  • ... a very different way to engage in conversations / capture issues with regards to Transformation."

    Laura Walker
    Communications Advisor, Adult Transformation, Newcastle City Council

  • Feedback from the staff reference group was very positive. The game generated a lot of discussion from different points of view and helped staff to see the bigger picture. Discussions were more informal and interactive than generally occurs at large meetings and staff found the experience enjoyable and beneficial…"

    Sandrina Mapletoft
    SDS Commissioning Officer, Nottinghamshire County Council

  • Middle managers are looking for answers - but answers will emerge as we move forward. It is all about professional judgements. This is an excellent tool to help us find those answers and make progress”

    Learning and Development Manager
    Kent County Council

  • The feedback was very good – we particularly liked the way in which the cards prompted lots of discussion (too much at times!) and that even people with no prior knowledge of personalisation were able to contribute. We are using the game as part of our training programme"

    Kerry Davies
    Senior Development Consultant, Walsall Council

  • Whose Shoes?® is the best facilitation tool I have seen in over 30 years in social work"

    Dorothy Hall
    Independent Social Worker and Practice Assessor

  • I've played Whose Shoes?® to learn what it was all about and found it extremely useful. It's a really useful tool to help spread the personalisation message!"

    Melanie Turnbull
    Commissioning Policy & Planning Officer (Personalisation) Durham County Council

  • We are still using Whose Shoes?® in personalisation training with internal and external staff - the feedback they give is very positive and it breaks the ice during the training session"

    Helen Tindell
    Workforce Planning and Development, North Lincolnshire Council

  • The Whose Shoes?® material is exceptional in its ability to promote questions about both the process and our understanding of personalisation and its outcomes”

    Ray Massey
    Training Coordinator, Learning & Development Team, London Borough of Redbridge

  • Whose Shoes?® should be a mandatory exercise for all involved in personalisation!"

    Community Engagement Officer
    NW MBC

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