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Integration, integration, integration... could be the current mantra in public services - and is central to the Whose Shoes?® concept

"Supported housing staff at East Midlands Housing Association spent a thought provoking day considering how to offer more personalised services within their organisation. What would future services look like? What are the barriers and how to overcome them? What actions are needed?
Whose Shoes?® made the subject fun and interactive. The day was very well facilitated and was also captured for us by the graphic artists. Now we have a great record of what we achieved and what we have to do to make housing related personalised services a reality for our customers".

Sally Taylor
Head of Supported Housing, East Midlands Housing Association

"I really enjoyed playing the game. It was very absorbing and it got me thinking about what personalisation really means. I think it is such an innovative way to get a message across that we have a tendency to over complicate"

Sue Baxter
Policy Officer, Strategic Engagement, SITRA

The electronic version of Whose Shoes?® has been built in partnership with Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP) aligned to the key themes, principles and 'I' statements of 'Making It Real'.

We encourage providers to sign up to 'Making It Real' and to use Whose Shoes?® to work with people using your services to identify your top 3 priorities ... and then move on to co-produce truly person-centred solutions.

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  • We are really grateful for the excellent contribution you made to our Festival of Ideas in Leeds. Thank you for a really successful, interactive Whose Shoes? session!”

    Maria Brodt
    Services and Marketing, SITRA

  • We have really loved this session. It's a far more creative approach to learning than anything we normally do. We will ask our lecturers to purchase it!"

    De Montford University Social Work Student
    On placement with a housing provider who attended a Whose Shoes?® workshop ... and they did indeed persuade their lecturers to become customers!

  • I have been involved in running Whose Shoes? sessions with Extra Care residents. What was immediately apparent was how the tool empowers tool residents of care establishments to have a voice. I can see huge potential in promoting debates that support people to speak up.”

    Dorothy Hall
    Independent Social Worker and Practice Assessor

  • I have spent my career as a social worker supporting very vulnerable people who are the subjects of the care industry, but whose views are often unheard. The game spontaneously exposes negative views & facilitates good ideas. It is the best facilitation tool I have seen in over 30 years in social work.”

    Dorothy Hall
    Independent Social Worker and Practice Assessor

The images used on the website page backgrounds are based on graphic records
produced in real time during 'Whose Shoes®' events by New Possibilities Ltd.

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