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Case Studies3

It was very interesting to see who the early adopters were for Whose Shoes?®

Gill Phillips, creator of the tool, had expected it to be local authorities who were perhaps ‘struggling with personalisation’ who would want a tool to help them make progress. In fact, the opposite trend was seen. It was generally the “3 star” social care L.As, who came on board.


Local authorities with a culture of continuous improvement. Organisations, who had the confidence to trust their staff to innovate and try new approaches…

A story from a local authority
A story from a local authority

Whose Shoes?® session with Force 4 Change, a user-led group in Leicestershire . Exploring the group’s key issues and mapping to ‘Making It Real’.

What happened

Leicestershire County Council were early and enthusiastic Whose Shoes?® customers. They invited Gill to run an extended Whose Shoes?® workshop, with space and time to explore issues through in-depth discussions. They involved people using services from the outset and Gill was delighted to makean early link to Force 4 Change, a user-led group that later blossomed into an on-going relationship.

Two very creative and inspiring people from the Learning and Development Team, Sarah Wiglet and Juliet Heaton, were given scope to develop a programme of training that used the full potential of the tool and received consistently positive feedback from participants. Who else would think to build the tool into a wider ‘Walk in my shoes?’ training day complete with DVD and song?

You see… It is possible to have a bit of fun while discussing serious topics – it helps people be relaxed and to speak openly and honestly.


There is a detailed good practice case study on use of Whose Shoes? by Leicestershire County Council on Governance International website.

Community Care magazine similarly published a feature based on this project, demonstrating the impact Whose Shoes?® is having across the UK.

A story from a local authority
A story from a local authority

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