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Aims of the game

The health and care system requires radical reform to meet the requirements of the forthcoming Health and Social Care Act ……

Whose Shoes?® aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the scale of this change and the need for everyone to work together
  • Foster ‘a culture of openness and insight’ (Francis Report recommendation)
  • Highlight key values, skills and knowledge of professionals, harnessing empathy and compassion
  • Promote understanding of the perspectives and challenges of others, particularly people with care needs or who need support
  • Generate ‘crucial conversations’: ‘Making It Real’ – for you and me!
  • Share practical examples of good practice and innovative solutions, helping people to co-produce local action plans
  • Bring the government’s transformation agenda alive and help people convert policy into person-centred reality

The images used on the website page backgrounds are based on graphic records
produced in real time during 'Whose Shoes®' events by New Possibilities Ltd.

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