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Whose Shoes? is evolving fast and mainly 'happening' through the energy of social media. The website can't keep up so apologies if it is a bit confusing at the moment. But the energy in the workshops and action focus is far more important...!

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The heading is wrong but in tablets of stone

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Whose Shoes? is a very popular transformation tool across health and social care. The board game version is now being adapted to explore different topics - particularly around dementia care, communicating effectively with children in health care settings and the popular new maternity edition. The electronic version - Whose Shoes?® - Making It Real - was co-produced with the National Coproduction Advisory Group of Think Local Act Personal (TLAP). The launch event was held at Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury in London.

The electronic tool is available to purchase here. Check out our video of the launch event here.

Winterbourne…Francis Report…Kirkup…Care crisis… Health and social care reforms
Let’s all work together for excellence with the person… in the centre

Are you keen to

  • Engage people in delivering public services in more creative ways?
  • Promote person-centred practice, independence and choice?
  • Get people to 'think outside the box' and work across boundaries?
  • Challenge attitudes and assumptions?
  • Explore ways to improve quality AND save money?
  • Continually improve your practice?

If the answer to any of these is 'yes', Whose Shoes?® will move you forward

What is Whose Shoes?® What is Whose Shoes?®

Whose Shoes?® is an exciting approach, allowing you to 'walk in other people's shoes'. Through a very wide range of scenarios and topics, Whose Shoes?® tools help you explore many of the concerns, challenges and opportunities facing the different groups affected by the transformation of health and social care.

Managers and leaders, clinicians, people using health or social care services, carers, front-line staff, commissioners, care providers, the local community, students and many more all love the Whose Shoes?® approach. And all the more so, when different groups work together…!

A well established tool promoting person-centred approaches, we are proud to announce the new MATERNITY EXPERIENCE toolkit, developed in collaboration with NHS England and the London Strategic Clinical Network. Here is a blog by Florence Wilcock, Consultant Obstetrician and Divisional Director at Kingston Hospital, which tells you more about this exciting work that is now recognised as a leading change platform, Florence talks about the 5 pilot workshops in London leading to local ownership and an action-focused approach to improving maternity care. Click here to view a session in action at Queen's Hospital, Romford.

Lively scenarios act as starting points for discussion, looking at issues from the perspectives of:

  • The people we serve and their families
  • Front-line staff
  • Managers and leaders, including commissioners
  • Other people who influence people's experience

The health and care system requires radical reform to meet the requirements of the forthcoming Health and Social Care Act ……

Whose Shoes?® aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the scale of this change and the need for everyone to work together
  • Foster ‘a culture of openness and insight’ (Francis Report recommendation)
  • Highlight key values, skills and knowledge of professionals, harnessing empathy and compassion
  • Promote understanding of the perspectives and challenges of others, particularly people with care needs or who need support
  • Generate 'crucial conversations': ‘Making It Real’ – for you and me!
  • Share practical examples of good practice and innovative solutions, helping people to co-produce local action plans
  • Bring the government’s transformation agenda alive and help people convert policy into person-centred reality
  • Thought-provoking, inclusive and highly interactive
  • Communicates key information in a fun and innovative way
  • Encourages partnership working and co-production
  • Allows people who use services and informal carers to participate as equals
  • Highly flexible – select the topics relevant to you; every session is different!
  • Nurtures creative, engaging facilitation and a lively exchange of tips and ideas

The images used on the website page backgrounds are based on graphic records
produced in real time during 'Whose Shoes®' events by New Possibilities Ltd.

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